Woize announces new VoIP smartphone technology

Woize announces new VoIP smartphone technology


It seems like the day is getting closer and closer when anyone can pick up their cellular phone and talk to their heart’s content without paying a penny. Woize International has developed Woize for Smartphone (or SmartphoneWoize), allowing anyone with a Windows Mobile 5.0-equipped PDA phone to make free calls over VoIP. Users can simply connect to any available Wi-Fi connection, “borrow” some bandwidth, and chat away.

Woize has already released its VoIP client for the PC, and by adding a smartphone variation to its digital communications portfolio, users can now easily make calls whenever their PDA phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

In tandem with this release, the company has also launched a new Beta 3 version of PocketWoize, a client it has developed for Pocket PC applications. Unfortunately, it seems the “free” calls are limited to only those served under the Woize umbrella (Woize, PocketWoize, and SmartphoneWoize users), with a per-second billing for calls to other people.