Nissan Terranaut for the lab on the go

Nissan Terranaut for the lab on the go


So you and all your scientist buddies are planning a trip to Antarctica to study the march of the penguins, but can’t seem to find the right vehicle for the job? Look no further than Nissan’s latest four-wheel-drive concept. The Terranaut (get it, it’s like astronaut but on the earth) is a vehicle that will handle the harshest of conditions and the most difficult of terrains, all while housing a mobile laboratory.

Don’t start amassing too big of a research team, however, as the Terranaut only has seating for three people. This is to provide enough cabin room in the rear for a computer workstation and whatever doo-hickeys you need to check beak size or whatever you scientists do. The single rear seat swivels to face the task at hand.

Whatever the conditions, the Terranaut is ready to tackle it with oversized 19-inch wheels and puncture-proof tires for both on- and off-road applications. A thumbtack on the road is the least of your worries, so get back to work with your test tubes and tracking devices.