Microsoft Windows soon to be integrated into Fiats

Microsoft Windows soon to be integrated into Fiats


Microsoft already has a virtual monopoly on the home PC market, with Apple coming in a distant second. The software maker even has huge penetration in the smartphone market with Windows Mobile 5.0. And now, a version of the Microsoft OS is about to implemented into an automobile near you (if you happen to be in Europe). Fiat will be unveiling Microsoft-powered vehicles at the upcoming Geneva show.

No need to get your fingers ready for CTRL-ALT-DEL just yet, because the rendition that will be offered will only handle simple functions like the car’s sound system. Blue&Me, as it’s come to be called, will also handle Bluetooth phone calls through the car’s audio system, as well as a number of voice commands and the reading out of text messages. Expansion comes in the way of a USB port mounted in the glove compartment.

In the future, they hope to add additional features like GPS, traffic-monitoring, and the like. Just don’t look at me when your Microsoft-powered Fiat crashes for no reason.