Hama’s PMP VSV-20

Hama’s PMP VSV-20


PMPs are growing in popularity and exposure. The latest update comes from Hama, and it is the Mobile MediaSafe VSV2.

An upgrade of the company’s VSV-20, the new PMP sports a 3.5-inch screen, a 30GB drive, and a battery that can last 10 hours. Support options include DivX, MPEG4, and Windows Media 10 DRM. Data transfer can take place via USB, CF, SD, MM MemoryCards, MemorySticks, or MicroDrives. And not as if you need it, but it also has a remote.

The size of a deck of cards, the VSV2 has an FM tuner and can also double as a DVR if hooked up to a television.

It will be formally unveiled at the CeBIT show in a few weeks and available commercially shortly thereafter.