Toyota makes “Minivan” and “Pimpin” no longer contradictory

Toyota makes “Minivan” and “Pimpin” no longer contradictory


This ain’t your average soccer mom’s grocery getter. Toyota has unleashed a concept vehicle that takes everything you know about minivans and turns it on its head. The aggressive exterior styling immediately brings up images of the “tuner” culture, especially with the huge 22-inch wheels. Instead of the standard sliding door you find on most minivans, Toyota’s F3R concept has a regular door paired with a third suicide door in the back. This creates a huge side entrance.

Open said doors, and reveal what looks like an after dinner chillin’ lounge. The seats can be oriented in such a way that everyone faces one another, and space clearly will not be an issue — the F3R is a full 90 mm wider than the Sienna. What this means is that you can host a bumpin’ party wherever you are. In a sense, you can go on a road trip with trailer-like space without a trailer-like look.

Sure, the average minivan owner is now 51 years old, and that is exactly why Toyota is considering using the concepts brought up by the F3R to market the younger set. The concept even includes a hybrid powertrain. The F3R probably will never make it to production, unfortunately, but it certainly is a sign of things to come.