Pentax drops price on *ist DL DSLR

Pentax drops price on *ist DL DSLR


If you’re in the market for some exceptional Digital SLR picture-taking action, but don’t have a huge load of money to spend, Pentax will open your eyes. The camera maker recently announced a $200 price drop on its *ist DL digital SLR camera with 18-55 DA lens kit. The new price is now a much more affordable $599.95, and that price is effective as of today.

This places Pentax’s product right in between two key markets. “Consumers wavering between a higher-end compact digital and a digital SLR will take note of this new Pentax pricing as will consumers who have been considering an upgrade to digital SLR,” said Ed Lee, Director of Consumer Services and Digital Photography Trends Service InfoTrends, Inc.

In line with this price drop, Pentax is now also offering rebates of up to $100 on select lenses, making professional-looking snapshots that much more affordable. These discounts can be had until the end of March.