Mobile TV, DVB-H all in one chip from ATI

Mobile TV, DVB-H all in one chip from ATI


ATI has introduced a Mobile TV Receiver solution for portable devices that is DVB-H compliant and boasts all of its functionality in just one chip. Dubbed the WTV100-M, this chip boasts a dual-band RF tuner in addition to the DVB-H feature, and it’s all seamlessly integrated with ATI’s Imageon media processors.

The versatile WTV100, which will be available worldwide this summer, is specially formulated to operate in most global operation modes. Bursting with capabilities for multiple DRM solutions including simultaneous processing of multiple services.

“At CES in January, ATI’s WTV100 was operational on our live broadcast and receiving multiple channels. By addressing all of the vast requirements and issues that come into play with Mobile TV up front, ATI is poised to help us bring this initiative to market quickly,” said Michael Schueppert, President of Modeo LLC.

The result will be a mobile phone or other handheld device that has inched ever closer to being a full-service portable television. Imageon continues to raise the bar in that respect.