Mitsubishi’s lightweight Apricot notebook

Mitsubishi’s lightweight Apricot notebook


The trend these days is for super powerful laptops with 17- or 19-inch screens. Mitsubishi, on the other hand, recognizing the original intention of the notebook in the first place: portability. Their cute little Apricot AL C Series PC takes the idea of super lightweight laptops to a whole new level, weighing in at around 35 ounces (996 grams). The silver alloy casing probably has a lot to do with the weight reduction.

The technical specifications, however, aren’t too impressive but clearly adequate for most of your mobile computing needs. A Pentium M 753 (1.20 GHz) runs the show along with 256MB of RAM, expandable up to 1280 MB for you RAM buffs. Storage comes in the form of a 1.8” 20GB HDD, with the option of upgrading to as high as 100GB.

No exact specifications on screen size from Mitsubishi, but based on the picture, it looks like this Apricot is pretty small (12-13-inch). The little laptop doesn’t come with a little price tag though, with an MSRP of 245,700 yen, or just over $2000 US greenbacks.