Koss Tügo MP3 headphones

Koss Tügo MP3 headphones


I think it would be nice to have some nice big, comfortable noise blocking headphones that I could wear around without having to worry about wires or having a pocket for my MP3 player. Koss must think so too, because that’s exactly what their new Tügo headphones are. They are a player, controls, battery and headphones all in one.

The lithium ion battery provides 10 hours of listening pleasure and are said to fully charge off your computer in about 3 hours. The controls are easy to use without taking off the headphones. An integrated mini-USB jack makes charging and transferring songs a breeze. They also fold flat for easy storage and transport. I’ve left the memory to the end because if these headphones have a fault, this is it. They only have a capacity of 512MB. Unimpressive, but a tradeoff for an otherwise nice product.

You can have your own set of Tügo headphones for about $300.