“Fashionable” camera cases by Targus

“Fashionable” camera cases by Targus


Most camera cases on the market aren’t exactly the most fashionable looking things, being primarily utilitarian in nature, but Targus has decided to take a different spin on the market by unveiling a complete “Line of Fashionable Madison Camera and Camcorder Cases especially designed for Women.” That’s not to say that these new products aren’t useful – they are – but now it is that much easier to walk around with what looks like a purse, but really contains all your snapshot-taking goodies.

Targus is already a recognized brand for laptop cases, and they hope to transfer this brand recognition to the realm of photography. The smallest in the line can snugly protect micro-sized digital cameras, and the largest can easily house a camcorder and all its various accessories. Most of the camera cases include compartments for extra memory cards and other small items.

As with most of their other products, Targus is keeping their Madison Camera and Camcorder Cases reasonably priced. The Large Camera Case is a mere $14.99 and can be found at the company’s official website, Targus.com.