Rock Pegasus 550N laptop for the mobile professional

Rock Pegasus 550N laptop for the mobile professional


Rock brings to market the Pegasus 550N, a dual-core laptop model aimed at the mobile professional market.

The Pegasus 550N is ideal for those who are fond of running tasks or programs simultaneously. The unit’s Intel Core Duo Processor allows for more efficient multi-tasking capabilities than traditional single-core CPUs.

Despite the heavy processing power that it has, battery capacity for the Rock laptop is at an impressive 3 hours. Display is via a 15-inch XGA screen. The laptop also features 512MB of DDR2 SDRAM.

The unit’s primary storage device is a 60GB (5400rpm) hard drive. Data could also be conveniently stored in DVDs as the Pegasus 550N has an 8x Dual Layer DVD burner.

As it is aimed for mobile users, Rock has ensured that the new laptop is very portable. The 550N’s thin shell compliments its slim design and it weighs just 2.5kg.

A welcome add-on to the already feature-packed notebook is a 1.3 megapixel Web cam.

Value-conscious users will find the Pegasus 550N attractively-priced at just £938. Parts and service are guaranteed for 3 years. This warranty term is a standard for all Rock laptops.