Motorola-Verizon phone a GPS device

Motorola-Verizon phone a GPS device


Verizon Wireless and Motorola are sporting the new Motorola V325, the first mobile phone to feature Verizon’s new VZ Navigator, which, among other things, turns your phone into a GPS device.

VZ Navigator is the application that runs Verizon Wireless’s Get It Now Location Based Services, which approximate Mapquest or Yahoo Maps in functionality by offering maps to current or future locations and turn-by-turn navigation with audible voice directions to any address in the United States.

The V325 also sports what by now is standard on any new mobile phone, a camera. This one boasts self-portrait and color effects, among other handy features.

The phone’s display is high resolution, but don’t worry about overloading the phone’s memory board. The V325 has a full 30MB of onboard memory, enabling it to run the camera, take phone calls, send TXT or PIX messages, use “situational lighting,” and access Get It Now — all at the same time, so to speak.