Honda UK develops Accord that drives itself

Honda UK develops Accord that drives itself


It seems like we’re getting that much closer to the day that you can sit down in the car, say “Take me to the mall,” and have the vehicle automatically deliver you to your destination. Honda UK has developed a cruise control system that is inching toward full auto-pilot status.

A handful of luxury vehicles already have cruise control equipped with radar to control your speed — slowing down and speeding up depending on the distance between yourself and the cars behind and in front of you — and others have integrated warning systems for when you drift out of your lane, but this new system by Honda UK does it all and then some. It’ll regulate your speed and take care of steering (including turns) thanks to the combination of “Adaptive Cruise Control” and the “Lane Keep Assist System”.

Honda is quick to point out that you shouldn’t stop paying attention altogether. The steering wheel needs to be tapped every ten seconds to “tell” the car that you’re still there and still in charge, but I can already see it. Honda’s new Auto Pilot mated with real-time GPS. An ultra-realistic “convenience” or an accident waiting to happen? We’ll see.