GeoVector and Mapion tie up for ‘point and search’ service in Japan

GeoVector and Mapion tie up for ‘point and search’ service in Japan


Want information about something? Well, point your mobile phone at it then.

GeoVector has announced that it is collaborating with Mapion of Japan to provide the latter’s mobile phone tracking innovation, Mapion Local Search, to Japanese cell phone users. The tracking service would allow consumers to acquire information about a particular place or thing through their mobile phones.

The technology’s database includes 700,000 home or office structures, merchants, dining places, financial institutions, and tourist sites all over Japan. All the user has to do is point his cell phone to the place or structure and information about the point of interest would pop up on his phone.

In giving us an idea as to the potential of the technology, GeoVector President John Ellenby said, “Soon, users will point their mobile phones at restaurants to get reviews, point at billboards to shop at the advertiser’s website, point at a movie poster to buy tickets, or play a game by pointing at their friends.”

The technology was primarily made for Japan’s KDDI network. The service will be available on CDMA phones that have a consolidated compass feature and GPS.

Mapion, a CyberMap Japan company, created the mapping system for firms such as AOL Japan, Yahoo!, and Excite Japan. GeoVector’s contribution to the partnership is its spatial search program which could be initiated by just pointing at the item inquired about.