Ford’s hot Reflex concept

Ford’s hot Reflex concept


It seems like Ford is trying to do it all with its Reflex concept. It looks like something futuristic, yet harkens back to 1980s retro sci-fi. It definitely looks sporty and will probably have the power to match, but Ford is claiming an astounding 65 mpg if this thing ever hits the road. This is thanks to the hybrid diesel propulsion system that makes use of headlight and taillight mounted solar panels.

Everyone’s talking about “rollin’ on dubs” these days, and Ford hears them. That’s why the Reflex is sporting some huge twenty-inch chrome wheels. They’ve also ditched the conventional doors and opted for the reverse butterfly look. Inside, you’ll find a 2+1 configuration, two headrest-mounted LCD screens and LED instrument lighting. Need room for a fourth passenger? Just flip the switch and the Reflex transforms into a 2+2.

The insulation is made from recycled Nike shoes, but you can be sure Ford will work hard to remove the funky gym locker smell before they put the stuff into this beast of a car. Don’t expect the Reflex to come cheap, and like every other concept vehicle out there, production models (if they ever come to pass) will likely have some pretty significant changes. Just keep the reverse butterfly doors for me.