Flying with cell phones gets the go ahead

Flying with cell phones gets the go ahead


They say that they cause too much interference with aircraft electronics and can only pose problems, but it seems like airlines are about to be singing a different tune… like your favourite music ringtone. It seems that come December, your in-flight entertainment will include a mobile phone.

The US federal regulators in DC have made it a-okay to have onboard satellite uplinks on airplanes. This development may sound like a godsend for those of you who hate being out of touch with the world for the few hours they’re on a plane, but for most business travelers – 61% according to a CWT Business Travel Indicator survey – cellular phone usage and flying on an airplane just don’t mix. Europeans are most opposed to the proposition with 70% voting nay to in-flight mobile phone chatting.

So, if you thought catching the red eye from New York to Los Angeles was bad enough, trying to catch a few Zs just got that much harder.