Cingular adds LG F9200 to lineup

Cingular adds LG F9200 to lineup


Text messaging with Cingular Wireless just got that much easier. The wireless provider has picked up a handset from Korea’s second largest mobile manufacturer. The LG F9200 may look like any other candybar phone on the market, but slide out the side and discover a complete QWERTY keyboard.

It goes without question that the F9200 will come text-message ready, of course, and it seems like the QWERTY keyboard can also come into play when responding to emails and chatting on Instant Messengers. Among its other features are a barely adequate VGA digital camera — something that was missing from the LG F9100 — and a full color screen.

If you’re looking for a business solution, this candybar probably won’t do you much good. But if you like shooting SMS messages like there’s no tomorrow, the LG F9200 is right up your alley. Lock yourself down to a two-year contract, and you can grab this LG messenger phone for $99.