Alltel gives you whatever plan you want

Alltel gives you whatever plan you want


Well, maybe not whatever you want, but they are certainly aiming to meet every consumer need out there as far as cell phone plans. Alltel has launched what they call the “U” personalized prepaid wireless service, allowing you to make a plan that is right for “U”, fulfilling your specific needs and desires.

The introduction of U Prepaid gives customers “more control, exciting features and the latest phones on the largest national network,” according to Alltel’s executive VP of marketing Frank O’Mara. “It’s really all about U.”

Above and beyond the typical per-minute and per-month deals that other wireless providers offer, Alltel also includes the option for pay-per-day use. Customers have their choice of any two unlimited features, including mobile-to-mobile, nights and weekends, text messaging, and calling to a favourite number.

All of Alltel’s plans come bundled with free voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, three-way calling, and best of all, free nationwide long distance calling originating within Alltel’s expansive network. No official word on pricing.