Mustang Pedal Cars: The hot new collectible

Mustang Pedal Cars: The hot new collectible


Nostalgia runs deep in the collectable and automotive industries and doubly so when the two are combined. Such is the case with the Ford Mustang Pedal Cars, which are making a roaring comeback thanks to a California businessman named Mark Luzaich.

“That Mustang became one of the hottest pedal cars of all time,” said Mark Bentley, Ford licensing manager. “At first they were simply toys, but now adults see them as collectables. It’s a nostalgia thing.”

The owner of Warehouse 36, a collectible company in Windsor, Calif., Luzaich is the driving force behind a new wave of collectable fervor for the popular cars. After obtaining permission from Ford, he flew to Mexico and bought the original equipment, which was languishing because of a dropoff in demand and interest.

The new model is an update in both specifications and price, but it is primarily a case of what is old being new again. The all-steel construction returns, along with the adjustable rubber pedals, clear windshield, and authentic Mustang markings. Given inflation, it’s not surprise that the price has gone up. What cost $25 in the 1970s costs $250 today. But today’s collectors have more disposable income.

“The nice thing is that they’re made out of steel, so when kids outgrow them their parents can save them for the grandkids,” Luzaich said.

The developer says he’s not stopping with the Mustangs, either. He’s already working on another one, the 1932 Ford Roadster.