Korean handset makers set to do battle in Japan

Korean handset makers set to do battle in Japan


The war that’s about to erupt in Japan will probably only lead to more North Americans drooling over devices that we will never see on our side of the Pacific Ocean. Korea’s big three cell phone manufacturers — Samsung, LG, and Pantech — are about to compete for market supremacy in Japan for the first time. Will the slim, PMP, multi-megapixel varieties of Korea win over the Japanese public?

Pantech Group was the first to cross the water over to the island nation, arriving in December 2005. The cell maker is hopeful as they “introduced the first handset after more than two years of work, and we got more than expected results,” according to a company representative.

Samsung, who has partnered with Vodafone KK, is aware that it may be an initial challenge to convince Japanese consumers to buy Korean products: “It will be an interesting game to play.”

LG Electronics won’t be left out of the picture either. According to Telecoms Korea, the first Japan-bound handset “will be an easy-going model”, whatever that means. LG will enter Japan no earlier than next month.