Enterprise-class Wi-Fi from ADC and Xirrus

Enterprise-class Wi-Fi from ADC and Xirrus


A new agreement between ADC and Xirrus was announced today, forging a relationship that will bear a “complete family of enterprise-class Wi-Fi solutions.” Expect the new Xirrus-manufactured WFX W-LAN Array products to have a huge service area and plenty of Wi-Fi bandwidth. In fact, with the network going at 864 Mbps, the infrastructure is said to be able to support 1024 simultaneous users.

This Digivance-branded WFX solution is fully scalable and cost effective. In effect, the management of a Wi-Fi network is made easier because of the integrated approach the companies are taking. In a single device, you’ll find a wireless LAN switch mated with 16 integrated access points and a high-gain multi-sector antenna system.

“This innovative approach simplifies the deployment of Wi-Fi access and allows carriers and enterprises to deploy wireless networks as efficiently as wired networks,” said Mike Pratt, president of the Active Infrastructure Business Unit for ADC. “The WFX is a perfect complement to our Digivance Indoor Coverage Solution. We are looking forward to teaming with Xirrus to expand our joint capabilities.”