Sprint Nextel sues cellphone record brokers

Sprint Nextel sues cellphone record brokers


First it was Cingular, now Sprint Nextel is striking back at 1st Source Information Specialists, the company that will sell records of who you have called on your cellphone to anyone with a credit card. Sprint Nextel has filed suit in Florida claiming that the services offered by these companies invade the privacy of their customers. The company is seeking both temporary and permanent injunctions. 1st Source is the parent company of locatecell.com, celltolls.com, datafind.org and peoplesearchamerica.com. Sprint claims that those companies use fraudulent tactics to gain access to records, including posing as customers seeking information about their own accounts.

Sprint Nextel isn’t stopping there. They are also supporting federal legislation that is designed to increase the civil and criminal penalties that can be laid against companies such as 1st Choice that fraudulently attain and attempt to sell customer records.

It’s interesting to note that the locatecell.com website is not online at the time of writing.