PSP Media Studio 2.0 speeds up transfer from DVD to PSP

PSP Media Studio 2.0 speeds up transfer from DVD to PSP


Watching movies on your PSP is great, but transferring your DVDs to your PSP can be a real headache. That’s why Makayama has updated their software. They are now offering PSP Media Studio 2.0.

The new version promises 300% faster transfers from DVD to PSP. It should now be possible to transfer an entire DVD in about 45 minutes. Compared to what we have been used to, that’s practically supercharged.

Makayama has made PSP Media Studio 2.0 practically idiot proof. It now just takes two clicks to start the downloading process. To do its thing, the software sticks an encoding package on your PC. You can choose your input and you are set. Subtitled and foreign language films are supported if you speak another language or are trying to impress someone. The software can handle a wide range of video formats (AVI, MPEG1, DivX, XVID, VOB, ASF) and make them PSP friendly.

The new version is available for download for $32.95, or $14.95 to upgrade if you are already a user of earlier versions.