Walmart stocks Bratz Mobile

Walmart stocks Bratz Mobile


It’s clearly the dawning of a new age when mobile phone makers are starting to produce cell phones specifically targeted at the pre-teen market. The Bratz Mobile phone is a far cry from the “keep your kids safe” mentality of the Firefly. The Bratz brand of dolls and accessories produced by MGA Entertainment is huge with the younger set of girls, and Walmart is trying to cash in on that niche.

The Bratz Mobile phone comes complete with exclusive wallpapers, voice ring tones, screen savers, and skins clad with the brand for young girls to express their personality through customization. All their favorite characters are here, including Jade, Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha, and Roxxi.

The phone, a re-badged Sony Ericsson T290, is designed with ease of use and full functionality in mind. No contracts, easy to understand rate plans, voice mail, caller ID, text messaging, internet browsing are among its features. Price has been set at $69.99 including 50 minutes of nationwide airtime.