USB MP3 FM modulator from Yifang

USB MP3 FM modulator from Yifang


Yifang Digital of China is launching an FM modulator that instead of using a stereo headphone jack, opts to take all your USB flash drives. The Yifang EM192F will read MP3 and WMA files directly from a thumb drive and pump it out to whatever FM frequency you designate through its tiny display, or choose from one of 16 preset channels.

The product page isn’t particularly clear, but it might take the regular headphone DAP connections as well. Access to the display is easy with the swivel-design. Strangely, the EM192F is still stuck in the past with only a USB 1.1 connection, but I guess if it’s only streaming one song at a time, it doesn’t need to be that fast. Transmission range is around 3-5 meters, or, well, the length of your car I suppose.

Doesn’t seem like there’s any information regarding pricing or potential launches here in North America.