Squeezebox lets you wirelessly send tunes to your stereo

Squeezebox lets you wirelessly send tunes to your stereo


Gone are the days when home stereo systems were the primary preference of most people to play their music. Indeed, why spend on a stereo system when your PC is virtually an all-in-one home entertainment system.

However, for those who do not want to shelve their stereo gear, but also want to be able to play their digital music files, Slim Devices’ new offering can provide a convenient solution.

The third generation Squeezebox works by streaming music files from the PC to your stereo system. PC to Squeezebox file transfers can be done over the air through 802.11g wireless systems, or through wired networks. The device is very easy to use. Portability is also not a problem since it is compact.

Software must be downloaded first at www.slimdevices.com in order to be able to use the Squeezebox. A connection from the device to the stereo component is via a regular audio cable, while access to your PC or Mac is facilitated though your home network. The integrity of music files are not compromised even if the transfer or stream involves big, high-quality files, since the transfer is done through a 24-bit digital-analog converter. The digital music player can also be used to play Web-based radio stations.

The Squeezebox ships with a remote control which you can use to locate music files on your PC. The wireless model costs US $300, while the wired version is priced at US $250.