Sony launches Bluetooth mic for Handycams

Sony launches Bluetooth mic for Handycams


Usually, when the talk turns to digital cameras and camcorders, the focus is on picture quality. Everyone loves uber-high megapixel figures and HDTV-level video recording, leaving sound quality on the backburner. Hey, hearing your son’s 1st birthday party is just as important as seeing it, so why not look into the new Bluetooth Wireless Microphone (ECM-HW1) from Sony?

Designed to work with select Sony Handycams, the wireless mono microphone can be placed as far as 30 meters away from the camcorder itself, picking up crystal clear sound to go along with your crystal clear picture. The included Bluetooth receiver can be docked into the Handycam’s shoe adapter… no wires, no mess.

And these things are small! The 25-gram microphone is 34 x 23 x 65mm, and the 58-gram receiver is 48 x 53 x 71mm. The ¥21,000 ($165) ECM-HW1 Bluetooth mic and receiver will be available through Sony Japan come February.

Compatible units:
– DCR-DVD505
– DCR-DVD405
– DCR-SR100
– DCR-HC96
– DCR-DVD203
– DCR-HC41
– DCR-HC90