Solar-powered Golf Bag fits gadget hounds to a Tee

Solar-powered Golf Bag fits gadget hounds to a Tee


Those of you who have been clamoring for a golf bag that doubles as a cell phone and PDA charger can stop clamoring. It’s here.

Soldius B.V., a company based in the Netherlands, is bringing onto the market the Soldius Golf Bags, a set of four distinct bags that range in size and price but all share one common feature: the ability to charge mobile devices such as mobile phones and Blackberries. The top-of-the-line model is made of leather and will sell for US$800. If you’re looking to just crack the market, you can take the bottom-of-the-barrel bag for just US$200.

How does it work? Well, it’s solar-powered, making it the ultimate in portability. A built-in solar panel on the golf bag transmits power to the charging devices, which are snugly ensconced in the bag’s structure, making sure that you don’t let your battery die while you’re sinking an important putt. (Charging time depends on sunlight, of course.)

Earlier this year, the company introduced solar-powered chargers for mobile phones, PDAs, and even iPods. The golf bag charger is a step further down that road.

Will this be the hot new item on the links this year? It depends on how many see the light.