Point and Scan technology from Socket Communications

Point and Scan technology from Socket Communications


Socket Communications brings to market the Cordless Ring Scanner (CRS) 9P, a wearable, hands-free, wireless scanning device that is touted to be ‘extremely beneficial for hardcore scanners.

The CRS 9P fits comfortably on one’s index finger and makes use of a highly-durable, yet very light Liquidmetal casing. (It would have to be since the thing rests on your index finger.) The ring scanner is IP54 compliant which protects from dust and water and can also withstand multiple drops from four feet to concrete. It also features Fuzzy Logic, enabling it to scan damaged or hard-to-read bar codes. As for the data that is captured, Socket Communications’ Error Proof Protocol technology ensures that the information is accurately received by the mobile computing device. Real-time validation of information is available. If any error is determined, it immediately makes this known to the user.

The CRS 9P is equipped with a Class 1 Bluetooth device that is strapped on your wrist. It enables the wireless transmission of the data captured to a mobile PC. It also features
SocketScan, a keyboard emulation software that points scanned information into any Windows, Palm or Symbian application as virtual keystrokes.

The CRS 9P lists for £675 (approx. US $1199).