Pantech & Curitel PMP Phone

Pantech & Curitel PMP Phone


The latest phone to push the multi-faceted envelope is the IM-U100 by Pantech & Curitel. Until you slide the keypad out you don’t even know you are looking at a phone. Heck, it says PMP right on it.

The main drawing point of the phone is the 2.6-inch wide QVGA TFT LCD display. It has a 15:9 aspect ratio, which you can tell with basic math is way better than the standard 4:3. It’s like a really small movie theatre. It has an MP3 player and supports music and video on demand, all of which you can listen to through the stereo speaker. A 2.0 megapixel camera which will allow you to capture pics or video is built-in. External T-Flash memory provides you with no limit to the capacity for content. Oh yeah, it has EV-DO, too.

The phone will be launched in Korea for about US$550. Optimists can find several clues that it might make its way into the American market at some point.