AuraOne launches signal-distributing device

AuraOne launches signal-distributing device


AuraOne brings to market the AuraGrid, a signal-distributing device that will enable you to receive good WiFi signals at every nook and cranny of your home.

Chances are, the wireless computer network installed in your home may not be able to provide adequate coverage to every square meter of your house. Even if this is possible, some areas in the house might have weak coverage, resulting in slow connections. Giving the signal a boost might help, but there will still be areas where the PC would not be able to get a signal, like the bathroom?

AuraOne Systems’ new signal-distributing device provides a solution to this problem. The AuraGrid works by delivering or channeling the network signal over your TV cable system. It doesn’t work with satellite TVs, though.

The package includes a splitter you need to place where the cable enters your home, connectors for the wireless router, and antennas to re-transmit signals in three different locations in your home.

The AuraGrid costs US $89.99. Additional antennas could also be purchased to augment the three included in the package. The price of each antenna is US $19.99. Tools are not needed in order for the unit to run. AC outlets are also not needed.

The AuraGrid will not have any detrimental effect on your cable TV connection and will run normally once the system has been installed.