WorldTracker SMS – You too can be a spy

WorldTracker SMS – You too can be a spy


Thanks to new technology spying just keeps getting easier and easier. The latest Bond-esque gadget is the WorldTracker SMS. You just attach the device to a car, package or suspected Russian terrorist and it sends SMSs to your cellphone which detail the route traveled and current location.

It uses SiRF Star III technology, which gives it better reception wherever it is. A WASS enabled receiver which provides GPS correction and 3D mapping technology from Google combine to offer accuracy within 3 meters 95% of the time.

Being a spy doesn’t come cheap. You have to pay $39.95 per month to receive up to 300 SMS messages each month, or you can step up to $59.95 to get unlimited messages. If that’s too steep, you can settle for website tracking access for $89.95 a year. The other kink in the spy plan is the size – at 2.56 x 1.7 x 1.1 inches and 3.1 ounces it isn’t huge, but it certainly isn’t discrete.