Voicebox helps your XM radio go hands-free

Voicebox helps your XM radio go hands-free


IBM has teamed up with VoiceBox and the result is an XM Satellite Radio that you can tell what to do. Implementing IBM’s speech recognition solution, you can now be cruising down the interstate and change radio stations with a simple voice command. You don’t even need to adhere to awkward scripted commands — you can almost pretend your radio is a real person.

Want to know how your favorite hockey team did? Just ask. “Did the Canucks get trampled again?” Tired of listening to hard rock and want to hear some saxophone, tell your XM radio to “Change the station to Real Jazz.” It really is that easy and that natural—this is the world’s first conversational voice search platform.

Look for the innovation to hit automakers and aftermarket product providers some time this year. The same technology will also be integrated into Bluetooth handsfree dialing and other applications thanks to VoiceBox’s agreement with Johnson Controls, Inc. See Voicebox’s stuff in action by watching this 33MB WMV video.