USB flash drive with external LCD. Smart.

USB flash drive with external LCD. Smart.


Everybody and their mother is releasing USB portable storage devices these days, so anything that can give you a leg up on the competition, particularly if it’s actually useful, is something you’d want to look into. Didigo’s offering includes an external LCD that’ll tell you a bunch of useful information, like amount of free space and the names of stored files. A blue (everybody likes blue, right?) LED indicates activity.

It looks like it draws its power from your USB port; there’s no battery. The Didigo DD01 only shows 11 characters at a time, so try to avoid ridiculously long filenames if you hope to recognize them on the first shot.

A wide range of capacities are available, from the less than adequate 128MB, up to a much beefier 4GB option. This 15g USB 2.0 thumb drive should be available some time soon as it’s already on the company website, but no official announcement concerning launch dates and prices has been made as of yet.