Rockridge Sound releases Sound Terminal

Rockridge Sound releases Sound Terminal


It seems that every company in the world is either making a flash drive, an mp3 player or an iPod docking station. Seriously, name one company that isn’t (editor’s note: … Nabisco 🙂). The latest entrant in the docking station wars is Rockridge Sound Japan. They call it the “Sound Terminal”. As we have come to expect, the cradle fits all iPods and it charges the player at the same time as it plays the tunes. The speakers are 5W x 2 channels and they have an 80Hz to 20kHz playback frequency.

The unit is fairly compact. It measures 250 mm x 146 mm x 155 mm. At 1.1 kg it is light enough to carry around with you if you could come up with a reason that you would want to. It includes an AC adapter for the juice and the charging.

The Sound Terminal will hit stores on January 28th. Now word yet on if those stores will also be outside of Japan. We do know that it will cost about $85 wherever it is on sale, though.