Nokia’s emergency response phone

Nokia’s emergency response phone


Think of it as the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” phone but for muggees and kidnappees. Nokia has applied for a patent for a new mobile technology that would allow users to automatically summon emergency help by pushing two buttons on the sides of the phone. The handset would then automatically record pictures and sounds via the integrated camera and microphone, and the imbedded GPS tracking would be able to trace the victim’s location for emergency personnel.

Of course, if activation of such a service were too obvious, the victim would be put in even greater danger, so Nokia would ensure that the “call” could be completely as discretely as possible. That said, the cell phone maker hasn’t made any indication whether this feature will ever become “real.”

Spokesman Damian Stathonokos asserted that, “we are not necessarily planning to install this emergency feature in any of our phones in the future. We are constantly developing new technologies in our research labs and applying for patents to protect our intellectual property rights.”