Motorola goes for high-fidelity sound with JBL

Motorola goes for high-fidelity sound with JBL


With the proliferation of music phones, sound quality has become an important issue for buyers. Motorola recognizes this growing need and has thus teamed up with JBL to provide what they call “unmatched music and communications experiences.” JBL is a division of Harman International, which also includes such high-end names as Infinity, Harman Kardon, Mark Levinson and Lexicon. Both home and automobile speaker enthusiasts will immediately recognize these brands as providing the absolute best sound quality.

The partnership between the two technology giants will call for a number of premium accessories providing high-fidelity audio to accompany Motorola’s sleekly-designed music phones. Harman Multimedia’s VP of sales and marketing, Fred Faulkner, said, “For JBL to collaborate with Motorola is a promise of extraordinary innovation to take place in the space of consumer electronics. We are quite excited to collaborate with them in leveraging our design and technical expertise.”

No word on any specifics as of yet, but Joe Hartsig, Senior Director of Product Management over at Motorola’s Companion Products Group, said that consumers can expect an excellent selection of Bluetooth stereo headphones and portable speaker sets to be on the way.