Mercedes jumps into MP3 market?

Mercedes jumps into MP3 market?


Other auto manufacturers have already put their emblems and branding on a handful of multimedia devices, and Mercedes-Benz seems to be jumping all over the bandwagon. There’s no telling how legitimate this product is, and how much of an official endorsement it’s receiving, given that the only information available is from the product page… which happens to be completely in Chinese.

What we can decipher is that it sports a mere 256MB of internal memory, far from adequate from today’s multi-gigabyte standards. You’ll also get USB connectivity and the standard FM tuner, but it doesn’t look like this thing offers much else. The display is a simple blue-lit 2-liner, and based on the form factor, it probably takes a single AA or AAA dry cell.

According to the writers over at Gizmodo, there’s no word on whether this tubular audio player will ever hit shelves. As such, it doesn’t seem like anyone knows anything about launch date or prices yet. Maybe someone ought to phone Germany.