WiMax inching closer to wide availability

WiMax inching closer to wide availability


It seems like we have been talking about WiMax for an awfully long time now. Finally, something is beginning to happen. Equipment from several companies has passed the first wave of WiMax certification for 802.16-2004. Aperto Networks, Redline Communications and SEQUANS Communications have all had base stations approved, while Wavesat has passed the standard with a customer premise equipment (CPE) solution.

Once more companies pass this first wave of testing the second wave can begin. The second wave will include security and quality-of-service. Once that hurdle is cleared products can start hitting the market in wider numbers. That in turn will interest wireless ISPs in offering fixed WiMax solutions instead of proprietary offerings.

At least that’s the theory. It is all complicated by the re-emergence of 802.20, which may again become a factor after Qualcomm bought Flarion last week. Many companies abandoned 802.20 if favor of 802.16e, but Qualcomm may have the determination and the size to convince them to reverse that decision.