Sprint Nextel offers three new forms of mobile chat

Sprint Nextel offers three new forms of mobile chat


If you are a chat freak, Sprint Nextel has made it easier to chat on the go with the launch of three new mobile chat services. All three services are licensed from outside providers, but each provides content exclusive to Sprint Nextel customers.

Jumbuck Island, by Jumbuck Entertainment, is a 3D wireless chat service. It combines aspects of multiplayer games and internet chat by letting users choose an avatar to represent them and customize their appearances. You can wander around the beach, cruise ships or waterfalls in search of people to chat with. It will cost $3.99 per month.

The Lounges, from AirG, offers three lounges for users to choose from – Sports, Latino and Friends. All three lounges include photo profiles, IM and public and private messaging. It is also $3.99 per month.

Webdate Mobile, offered by Trilibis Mobile, is the world’s largest mobile dating service, offering access to internet dating giant Webdate. For $4.99 per month you can access all the services available at Webdate.