Remoba offers continuous e-mail access via RemoMail

Remoba offers continuous e-mail access via RemoMail


Remoba acknowledges that people today need to be constantly accessible. As such, it offers RemoMail, an affordable software application that enables users to access up to five of their e-mail accounts on everyday, ‘ordinary’ mobile phones.

Remoba believes that current options to access e-mail immediately are complicated and expensive (not everybody can afford a PDA or smartphone). As such, they have thought of RemoMail, which offers instant connectivity to your email so you don’t have to worry anymore that you’ll be missing important messages if you are stuck in traffic or the like… regardless of your mobile phone brand.

RemoMail enables users to retrieve, read, reply, respond, and delete emails from their e-mail accounts. The application supports POP and IMAP mail servers in addition to Exchange and Lotus Notes. Free Web-mail accounts are also accessible.

Users also do not have to worry about security as no e-mail messages are stored on the mobile phone unit and routing of messages are not done through third-party servers. Furthermore, RemoMail supports corporate firewall, reverse proxy and SSL configurations.

RemoMail is currently available in the United States, South America, and India in both English and Spanish via several cell phone carriers. It retails for US $1.59 to US $1.79 monthly.