Notebook sales in India are skyrocketing

Notebook sales in India are skyrocketing


With a growth rate of 94% in the first half (April-September) of the fiscal year 2005-2006, the number and rate of notebooks purchased in India are already at par with the global trend. Notebook sales are so brisk that they have even outperformed desktop purchases in 2005. The current desktop-to-notebook ratio stands at 15-1, an improvement from last year’s 22-1.

During the period covering April–September 2005, 153,000 notebooks have been sold. Just two years ago, the number of units purchased was only 36,000. Desktop sales also grew by 36%, with 2.34 million units sold this year.

Big firms accounted for 61% of the total notebook sales. Medium-sized businesses made 21% of the purchases, while small enterprises took 17% and households comprised of 13%.

Notebook preference in India has been mainly attributed to price cuts. Current prices are 50% less than last year’s rates. The amount currently ranges from $800-$1000, significantly lower than last year’s average of $1500-$2000. The desktop’s edge over the notebook in terms of costs has already been narrowed to $200.

Another factor cited for the notebook’s increasing popularity is the emergence of new professions. These jobs require Indians to have constant access to a computer and to the Internet regardless of where he or she is located.

Government support has also contributed to the rise in notebook demands. IT infrastructure is also improving with more and more areas having wireless Internet access.

Though prices of locally-manufactured notebooks are lower than those made by multinational companies (MNC) such as HP and Acer, users still prefer the latter because of their efficiency. Prices of MNC notebooks have also been considerably reduced, making it similarly affordable, just like the local brands.