Nano clone goes golden, adds video

Nano clone goes golden, adds video


Sure, there’s already a wide selection of iPod wannabes out there, but this is the first time I’ve come across anything that sports 24-karat gold. The once bankrupt Jens of Sweden is launching a new multimedia player that, according to the company, comes in “nano format”. Like its Apple cousin, the Jens MP-500 does the standard audio and voice recorder thing, but adds a few other nifty things outside of its 24-karat gold backing.

A pair of integrated speakers can be found on the side, though, strangely, the player ships without any earbuds. Also look for FM radio and MP4 (WMV, AVI, ASF, MPG) video support. The built-in lithium polymer batteries are said to give just over 15 hours of life with audio, or a whoping 8 hours with video. The screen is pretty small, however, so watching your favourite 3 hour Peter Jackson reel may not be the most ideal.

The plain-Jane black versions are $189 (1GB) and $242 (2GB), but of course you’d want the gold finish for $274.