I/OMagic unveils ‘tiny’ 8GB portable USB drive

I/OMagic unveils ‘tiny’ 8GB portable USB drive


It just keeps getting smaller and smaller…

I/OMagic introduces the GigaBank 8.0, a diminutive USB drive that belies its huge 8GB storage capacity. It is very easy to carry around too, weighing just 56.69g.

Connectivity is via USB 2.0. This makes the GigaBank extremely suitable for large data transfers and storage of music files, images, and video files. It also does not require batteries or a power adapter for operation. This allows the unit to remain compact and lightweight. Power is via a USB 2.0 port (which is USB 1.1 backwards compatible).

The GigaBank 8.0’s USB plug can be easily inserted inside the unit’s enclosure when not in use. And for those hard-to-reach ports, a USB extension cable is provided.

I/OMagic’s new portable USB drive is a plug-and-play device that makes it easy to be used and detected by your PC or laptop. The GigaBank 8.0 is compatible with various versions of Windows (XP/2000/ME/98SE).

Plans are already set to deploy the GigaBank 8.0 to various electronics shops and office supply outlets. The unit costs $199 USD. Truly amazing if you consider the fact that this price tag is about the same as that of the first 2GB model released two years ago, and the 6GB version issued a year ago.