Dell to offer European customers Vodafone HSDPA service

Dell to offer European customers Vodafone HSDPA service


Dell customers in the UK, France and Germany will soon have access to an attractive feature. Dell is working with Vodafone to offer Dell notebooks featuring Vodafone’s 3G wireless broadband technology.

Beginning sometime in the first half of this year Dell customers have the option of choosing HSDPA wireless broadband capability, which will increase current 3G download speeds by 4 times. The built-in technology will also be backwards compatible to UMTS and GPRS wireless data networks.

The partnership makes sense for both sides. Dell accesses a rapidly growing (both through subscriber growth and corporate acquisitions) network of users, while Vodafone is able to provide their customers with another way to use the 3G networks that they are building across Europe. By aligning with a specific brand of 3G offerings, Dell will more easily convince more buyers of the benefits of the offering.