Three Trojan horses show up on Symbian phones

Three Trojan horses show up on Symbian phones


It was inevitable and it is only going to get worse. Antivirus companies are warning that three new malicious programs are targeting phones running the Symbian operating system. The malware, in the form of Trojan horses, are spread through Bluetooth and multimedia messages and are disguised as legitimate applications.

Pbstealer.D is a Trojan which will send your contact list, notepad and calendar to-do list to anyone around you who also has Bluetooth. Sendtool.A will send Pbstealer.D to other devices by Bluetooth.

Bootton.E is a Trojan that takes a different approach. It’s the one that could be the nastiest. It causes your device to re-start, but then it corrupts some components, meaning that the reboot will fail. That means your device is cooked.

Antivirus companies say that these Trojans are unlikely to spread very far because they are spread in attachments which must be opened, but they warn that worms for phones can’t be that far off.