The Carbontech Redback Spyder is nicer than your car

The Carbontech Redback Spyder is nicer than your car


The Carbontech Redback Spyder isn’t street legal yet, but it doesn’t look like it belongs on the road anyway. This little bullet on wheels needs a track or a sand flat or somewhere else where you can go like stink. Made in Australia, it sports a supercharged Chevrolet LS1 V8 engine which starts at 450 hp and can yield a whole lot more if treated with loving care. A six-speed Getrag manual transmission gets it jumping.

There are two seats in this Spyder, so you and a friend can both muster up your bravery and go for a ride. It has a steel and aluminum spaceframe, double wishbones front and back and in-board mounted shocks, so it will stay close to the ground, even if it looks like it is ready to launch into outerspace. All together it weighs between 2,000 and 2,200 pounds depending upon options.

Carbontech has made one heck of a fancy car, but it doesn’t come cheap. It will cost you about $190,000 USD to catch a Spyder of your own.