Philips launches VP5500 cordless VoIP videophone

Philips launches VP5500 cordless VoIP videophone


Philips brings to market the VP5500, a cordless home videophone that allows the user to see and be seen by the caller.

The VP5500 is powered by Linux, supports VoIP, and enables users to make video calls via the handset regardless of whether the phone is connected to a PC or not.

The user has the option to use the VP5500 for live video calls or for regular voice calls. Shifting between these two modes is as simple as pressing a button. The new Philips handset also features an integrated VGA video camera which one can turn 240 degrees so that you can thoroughly see what you are capturing. The camera has a zoom in feature too and can capture still images that are already saved. Image and video shots are shown on a high resolution LCD screen. For a larger display, the unit can be connected to a TV set.

The Philips VP5500 also has a built-in hands-free speaker system. For privacy, headsets can be connected to the unit.

The cordless VoIP videophone is designed to be able to function and adapt to any network upgrade or changes like the addition of valued-added features by the network provider.