Industry heavyweights form Mobile DTV Alliance

Industry heavyweights form Mobile DTV Alliance


As Mobile TV takes off everywhere, a group of heavyweights has combined in an attempt to create a solid standard for terrestrial service going forward in North America. Nokia, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Intel and Modeo have teamed up and are calling themselves the Mobile DTV Alliance. They are advocating the use of the Digital Video Broadcasting – Handheld, or DVB-H, standard.

DVB-H broadcasts to handsets from TV masts instead of wireless networks. This allows millions of simultaneous users and can provide on-demand services. Ten different trials of DVB-H are underway or completed in Europe, Australia and the U.S. DVB-H infrastructure will be ready in most U.S. markets by 2007.

The alliance became important as operators are deciding between DVB-H, digital audio broadcasting (DAB) technology and MediaFlo, Qualcomm’s technology. Operators are desperate for new sources of revenue, such as Mobile TV, as call costs are dropping due to competition and regulation and revenues are suffering.