Fisher-Price launches KidTronics

Fisher-Price launches KidTronics


Fisher-Price, long a giant in the toy market, is making a big push into electronic toys with the new KidTronics line. The coming-out party is scheduled for the Toy Fair in New York next month.

The Star Station, a device that lets users watch themselves on TV as they sing, is already on the market. In the pipeline are a digital camera and an MP3 player.

Electronic toys are nothing new, of course. Technology has driven an ever-widening offering of gizmos and gadgets for even the youngest of consumers. Such familiar names as Hasbro now offer personal video players and walkie-talkies that look like cell phones.

But Fisher-Price’s entry into this emerging market is big news.

Why now?

“We’re talking to a different mom here,” Michael Sullivan, marketing manager of the preschool division at Fisher-Price, said of introducing KidTronics. “They would think nothing of buying one for their kid.”

The company also wanted to wait until the time was right.

“We would have loved to do this five years ago,” said Fisher-Price General Manager Kevin Curran. “We waited until the cost came down and we could make it durable.”

Whether the strategy is successful will be seen first at the Toy Fair, one of the world’s largest expos, and during this fall’s holiday season. For now, Fisher-Price is back on the lips of toy consumers everywhere.